The Untold True Story of Chahe Yerevanian - PART II - will soon be published

Here is a small glimpse of Chapter 7 from Part II:

With a couple of thousand dollars in his pocket and all his credit cards frozen due to Hamdoun’s pressure on the banks, Chahe stayed in Dubai for a few days before flying to Cyprus to meet his wife and plan the next steps he needed to take.

Since Chahe could not save any funds as everything happened overnight and Chahe was not at all prepared for what had happened, his wife Gretta started selling watches, art, cars, and anything possible to be able to gather a few hundred thousand of dollars, in order to take care of the kids for at least one year, until Chahe could come up with a plan to deal with this sudden change in their lives.

Although Hamdoun and Abou Darwiche owed millions of dollars to Chahe, Hamdoun used all his political, security and financial connections to pressure Chahe and even locked the offices so that Chahe nor anyone else could enter to take necessary documents that would help prove his innocence. This was becoming to look like a mafia movie and it was going to be a long, nerve wrecking tough fight. Even most lawyers were not ready to defend Chahe knowing who he was fighting against. The lawyer who helped him leave Lebanon just before his name was put on the no-fly list even contacted Chahe while he was in Dubai and informed him he could no longer be his lawyer without giving any details nor a justification for his decision. Chahe had to find a new courageous lawyer.

After flying to Cyprus, Chahe met Gretta and stayed with her for 2 days in Larnaca, and they both vowed to each other that they will go through this tough phase together no matter what. Gretta brought $10k in cash and gave him her credit card so that Chahe could settle somewhere until they see what will happen in Lebanon.

Hamdoun was pushing hard for an arrest warrant to be issued against Chahe so that an international warrant can be issued via Interpol for Chahe’s arrest. Chahe, meanwhile, was left with no option but to stay low profile and in a country where extradition is not as easy, until the truth came out and until the legal battle would end.

Having fallen into a trap, Chahe needed to stay somewhere safe and fight a long battle in order to regain his rights and at the same time be able to work and financially support his family.

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